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White Corn Maccheroni Pasta - Gluten Free




This white corn pasta has a delicate flavour and makes it possible to use your favourite sauces and vegetables. White corn is naturally gluten-free. Moreover, it does not contain nickel so it makes it suitable for those who are allergic to this element. It is low in sodium but rich in minerals, such as: magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, potassium and vitamin A and vitamins of the group B (vitamin B1, B2, B3). This cereal is also rich in iron, a not-so-common feature of cereals. In addition, white corn is also rich in fibre, far more than yellow corn. 

White corn pasta is produced according to the ancient secrets of traditional pasta-makers. It has the right porosity and has a perfect “al dente” texture. 

Bronze drawn with non industrial methods, slow drying between 19 & 34 hours by using low temperatures, sustaining both agriculture and the environment. High digestibility, 100% Italian certified.


100% white corn heap.
Certified Organic.


Keep in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight.


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